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Stringent covid-19 measures have been implemented at all practices that we work within. Updated standard operating procedures include provision of masks for patients, implementing social distancing measures, strict arrival screening and appointment times as well as enhanced use of PPE and decontamination protocols are all in place to ensure your health and safety is our priority at all times.

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We pride ourselves on our ethical and transparent approach to all our interactions with you and so there are never any hidden costs. The foundation to any successful treatment with us is based on your own motivation, excellent oral hygiene practice and disease prevention. While we aim to educate and guide you from a clinical perspective, ultimately any financial commitment will be entirely dictated to us by your treatment choices alone.

We appreciate that affordability is important for you to be able to have the treatment you may need or want. 12 month interest-free finance solutions are available to provide flexibility in your decision making (7.5% administration fees apply). You are equally welcome to explore your own independent sources.

For patients who are self-funding, payments are requested on the day but may be required in advance on some occasions with prior notification from us. For extensive plans, fees are generally spread across the estimated period of the plan as per the treatment report.

Our consultations include all small x-ray investigations at no additional cost, as well as complimentary follow up review to discuss reports for more comprehensive plans. Fees for reports are subsequently waived for treatment plans that are agreed upon as a gesture of our appreciation of your commitment and trust in us. Any treatment plan provided is valid for 12 weeks from the date of consultation, thereafter requiring a new assessment as the oral condition may change.

Your appointment is time allocated in advance and so we would kindly request that should you need to cancel it, a notice of at least 24 hours is given which allows for a fellow patient to be accommodated. Appointments missed or cancelled without any due warning may incur a discretionary charge to cover the practice costs.