Restorative dental Options

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general dental council

The GDC recognises Prosthodontics as one of the thirteen specialist branches of dentistry.


As well as general dentistry, a prosthodontist deals with the repair of damaged teeth, replacement of missing teeth and associated soft and hard tissues by use of prostheses (dentures, crowns, bridges or implants).

          Treatments may range from simple fillings to complex full mouth rehabilitation and reconstruction, and when needed, involving a multi-disciplined team of specialists. As prosthodontists we are also faced with challenges to correct treatments that may have failed elsewhere.

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cosmetic dentistry

The subtle nuances of terminology are often lost in the endless pursuit of apparent ‘perfection’. Aesthetic treatment focuses on beautifying outcomes but ultimately aims to cure disease or solve actual organic problems that may present in a patient.

          Cosmetic dentistry however, is subjectively concerned with elective treatment to deal with perceived ‘imperfection’. The latter undoubtedly offers patients exciting solutions to change and improve the appearance of their smiles. Treatment popularity has seen pages filled in glossy lifestyle magazines and social media platforms awash with glamorous quick fixes.

          At Intellidentsia we make every effort to educate and inform our patients. Understanding the biological implications of treatment and the ongoing burden of maintenance is not something that is often appreciated or even discussed. It is imperative that patients are fully aware of all factors so they are able to make safe and sensible, informed decisions on what they would need from that which they might desire. Whilst we embrace every potential for positive change, we would strongly advise that any such elective treatments should never be undertaken lightly - your oral health is precious to us and should be to you too.

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composite sculpting

No one really volunteers for silver-black mercury fillings anymore. However, where indicated they may still have a role to play and this will be discussed where appropriate. Composite resin is a plastic tooth-coloured material that is bonded to tooth tissue and allows for a more conservative approach to removing disease in teeth. It is a highly sensitive procedure that if correctly executed, will allow for exceptionally natural looking results that now also function better in the long term with advances in dental material science.

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Dental Ceramics, dental implants, dentures + Multi-Disciplinary dentistry.

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dental ceramics

Ceramics are used to restore teeth by recreating the fine appearance of enamel in the form of prosthetic crowns, veneers and suchlike. Their improved aesthetics, biocompatibility and strength properties allow for increased application and long term durability. We often engage in joint appointments that take place both in the lab as well as clinical settings.

A dental veneer is a customised tooth-coloured shell made of either porcelain or composite resin that is designed to cover the front surface of a tooth in order to mask any perceived cosmetic shortcomings. These may include discolouration, developmental anomalies or chips and fractures. They also allow for subtle positional changes and gap closure (otherwise requiring braces), as well as shape and length modification. Veneers may be used to alter a single tooth or to completely change the appearance of a smile.

                    There are also purely functional indications for veneers to be used on the backs of teeth, for instance in cases where they may have worn down, or sometimes in combination with denture planning. Additionally they can be made of precious and non-precious metals much like crowns.
Dental crowns are sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘caps. They act to partially or fully cover over a damaged tooth to stabilise, strengthen and protect it from further breakdown, while restoring its full form and improving its appearance in the process.

                    The tooth is thus returned to long-term function within a bite. Crowns may be fabricated of gold or metal alloys, a combination of metal and ceramic or entirely ceramic based for more natural aesthetic replication.
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dental implants


Implants provide predictable long-term solutions for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. A titanium fixture is placed directly into the jawbone, where it provides a prosthetic (artificial) replacement for the root of your missing tooth or teeth. The fixture is then attached to a crown, bridge or denture, in a way that mimics how roots support natural teeth. Such connections are entirely fixed, or as in the case of a denture - removable, allowing for them to be cleaned, and re-connected for function.

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These are removable prostheses that are fabricated in either plastic or metal, designed to replace numerous missing teeth and soft tissues all at once. They are either supported by the gums or utilise any remaining teeth that are healthy, or a combination of both elements. In line with our own set ambitions to produce natural looking teeth, we employ dental technology and artistry for ultra-realistic functional results. The sky is the limit with regard to patient customisation.

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multi-disciplinary Dentistry

When approaching any treatment planning, we leave no stone unturned. Every relevant option is discussed in detail. For some patients their plan may require adjunctive treatments in order to realise their desired end objectives. Additional procedures may involve other specialist disciplines, as well as support from generalist colleagues.

                    Intellidentsia works with industry experts in the fields of periodontics (gums), endodontics (root canal), as well as orthodontics (braces) and oral surgeons. Where appropriate we will arrange referral for your additional care needs with the relevant specialist colleague based on an agreed comprehensive plan.
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