Excellence In the detail

The General Dental Council (GDC) recognises Prosthodontics as one of the thirteen specialist branches of dentistry.

                 The creation of Intellidentsia was borne out of a steadfast desire to protect patient interests by promoting bona fide dental expertise. Our name takes inspiration from the 'intelligentsia' and the brand is founded upon our own specialist experiences and evidence based clinical practices.

[  inˌtelliˈgentsia  ] · noun  
[n.] were considered the educated class of their day, shaping minds and opinion.

                 Combining timeless traditional craft with digital technology, at Intellidentsia we strive for prosthetic expressions of nature that are both anatomically sensitive and functionally exact when restoring teeth. With an unwavering attention to detail both in the clinic and laboratory, we aspire to deliver precision and predictability.
 Intelligent Dentistry
In an age of instant access and information overload, the influence of external sources including various media platforms are known to impact negatively upon decision making.

                 Intelligent dentistry does not subscribe to a culture of fad treatments or quick-fix courses. There is no hard sell. Rather ours is an empathetic, patient-centred service focused on your best interests.
 Why us?
We take a compassionate and forensic approach to your dental care.

              As with any advanced discipline, prosthodontists must undertake formal training pathways and structured examinations to acquire and demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills and overall clinical proficiency that lead to international specialist status. Our recognised expertise means we are well placed to carefully guide you through the myriad of options available for your needs, cosmetic or otherwise, while supplementing your dental care experience with class leading treatment delivery. 

              When considering extensive rehabilitation or cosmetic treatments, it is important to understand that unlike prosthodontics, the GDC does not recognise ‘cosmetic dentistry’ as a specialised field. Irrespective of qualifications, experience or skill set, the title “cosmetic dentist” is self-appointed and a misnomer of sorts, one that continues to cause some confusion within the general public. Popular treatments such as “bonding” and “veneers” in fact form only a small part of the much broader umbrella of modern prosthodontics. 

              We understand that for some, dentistry might be a daunting prospect, while others actively seek out treatment. Whatever your concerns or aspirations may be, at Intellidentsia we believe in complete transparency to ensure the optimal outcome for your oral health needs are met.

The only standard of care we provide is set by that which we would be happy to offer to a loved one or family member.
We do not limit faces to pre-set algorithms and insist on so called “perfect smile makeovers” that are often unimaginative or simply ill-advised. Our conscientious approach means we would much rather explore the extraordinary degrees of individuality that make life and indeed beauty so much more interesting.
We make no qualms about being a little over-particular when it comes to fine detail.

Prosthodontics is concerned with meticulous planning, control and precision in treatment execution and delivery. We work to exceptionally fine tolerances – thousandths of a millimetre in fact. As such our artistry is not merely for cosmetic effect alone, but should function harmoniously within one’s bite.
At the heart of everything we do is a primary objective to protect, educate and inform our patients so that they are able to make their own balanced decisions for their oral health needs. Sensible choices being backed by honest, intelligent dentistry.