Artistic Indulgence

Removal of Decay & Composite Resin Sculpted Restoration

Artistic Indulgence

Problem: this patient was unaware of decay that was present in an upper wisdom tooth. Reaching this part of the mouth was partly restrictive to tooth-brushing simply due to having a small mouth with limited opening.

Solution: although it was a difficult operative field in terms of access for instrumentation, the cavity was successfully prepared to receive a composite restoration with great efforts to ensure adequate isolation so that there was no risk of contamination during the procedure, otherwise we may have had to opt for an amalgam alternative which the patient was not keen on.

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Discussion Points: this presenting lesion resulted in a sizeable cavity. Despite being rather awkward to treat, the case demonstrates the Intellidentsia spirit: our single minded determination to overcome the challenge to be able to sculpt and create an imperceptible, functional restoration while maintaining optimal operative conditions. Furthermore, that this would not be so visible did not deter us in wishing to indulge our patient in receiving the same high level of attention to detail that we would wish to apply anywhere else in the mouth.