Rotten Six

Tooth No. 6

Rotten Six

Problem: this tooth was referred to us for investigation and treatment as required. This lower (left) first molar – known as tooth number six – presented with evidence of decay. The patient wanted a very natural looking restoration of her tooth.

Solution: a well contained lesion was cleaned and prepared to receive a composite restoration to restore both function and the natural anatomical harmony of the tooth.

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Discussion Points: an outcome like this is certainly pleasing for both patient and clinician but it is important to note that when such meticulous effort is undertaken to re-create anatomy, the bite must always be respected otherwise artistic expression is untenable. Careful assessment at the outset means one should not experience the feeling of a restoration being "too high", thus needing to be drilled down afterwards. To reiterate – we aspire to ensure our restorative protocols do not result in pretty outcomes that do not function.